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You’ve got an advanced degree (or you’re getting one). You’ve got big dreams, you’re driven, and you know you have something to give the world. But you don’t know where to start.
That’s what the academy is for. It takes the principles we teach on the Roostervane blog and empowers you to launch your career, find your purpose, and build your influence. 

This new service from Roostervane includes:


Roostervane helps bridge the gap from graduation to career, empowering smart people to maximize their impact and build a better world. From building a career to finding a purpose to growing influence, our website offers courses, webinars, training, and lots of free content to help students thrive with their degrees.


Since founding Roostervane, we’ve connected with thousands of students and we have noted a pattern in the way meaningful careers are formed. We have based our offerings on this philosophy.

Launch Your Career

We provide the necessary tools to build resumes, LinkedIn profiles, and find career paths for advanced degrees. This includes preparation for the gig economy.

Find Your Purpose

A career is more than a job. We take a values-based approach to career services, ensuring that passion and purpose are at the heart of any career transition.

Grow Your Influence

In our world, influence and thought leadership are the new currencies. We prepare students to impact the world with their vision by preparing them to influence through social media platforms, personal branding, consulting, etc.



A growing library of courses on the Roostervane site.

Monthly Webinars

Monthly webinars on launching a career, finding purpose, and growing influence.

Pay Monthly

$ 17
97 Month
  • Live Monthly Webinars & Q&As
  • Access To All Our Courses & Past Webinars

Pay Yearly

$ 7
97 Month
  • Live Monthly Webinars & Q&As
  • Access To All Our Courses & Past Webinars

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