6 Amazing Careers for Humanities Grads​

In this course, I'll teach you about 6 amazing career paths for humanities grads and how to get into them. Learn how to use your vision and values to make a difference to causes you care about and do work that changes lives.

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LESSON 1 – Introduction

LESSON 2.1 – Careers in Government

LESSON 2.2 – Careers in Non-Profits

LESSON 2.3 – Careers in National Associations

LESSON 2.4 – Careers in Think Tanks

LESSON 2.5 – Careers in International NGOs

LESSON 2.6 – Careers in Intergovernmental Organizations

LESSON 3 – 6 Amazing Job Titles

LESSON 4 – How to get there



Engaging Lessons


Chris worked running projects for a think tank, and then for government before consulting full-time. He’s run policy and research projects in areas like Indigenous Reconciliation, Economic Development, and Refugee Policy. His employment saw him working with foreign governments and the UNHCR in migration diplomacy, leading a report on Inuit economic futures in the Arctic, and building partnerships across Canada and internationally.

During his time in these roles and building his network both in Canada and the U.S., as well as his work in launching Roostervane, he saw firsthand where humanities grads are working, earning, and thriving. In this webinar, he’ll share some of their stories and what he’s learned.


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