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Why You Need to Be Creative to Build a Career You Love! (Video)

Be creative in how you apply your skills in the marketplace.

For the love of God we were not taught to be creative when I was a kid.

We thought about careers as a series of boxes. You had to fit into a certain career-box.

Look around you. There are people making over $100,000 on Instagram!

There are so many different ways to apply your skills in the marketplace, it’s a shame to stick to the same old simple-minded model of earning.

One of the reasons I wanted to start Roostervane was because, when I was looking for a job, I would google, “What job can I get with my history degree?”

I would get a sad little list from the 1990s, full of old-world thinking about humanities degrees.

  • teacher
  • librarian
  • archivist

This old-world thinking still dominates the way we talk about careers.


Think differently.

Be creative in how you apply yourself.

It will make an enormous difference to your outcomes and your happiness.

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