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5 Ways to Build Your Network When You Can’t Go Outside

As a pandemic falls upon the earth and we are increasingly confined to our houses, there are some of you who would like to use this time to build your network. There are arguments about whether this is a time to be productive or not,

10 awesome Informational Interview Questions

Informational interview questions–AKA–coffee with strangers I came across the “50 cups of coffee” idea right as I was at my wits end in academia. I knew I had to leave but didn’t know where to start. The “50-cups-of-coffee-strategy”—not unique to academics but recommended for anyone

I Reviewed 53 PhD Linkedin Profiles. Here’s What I Saw

One morning in December, I put the call out on Twitter that anyone with an advanced degree looking to build a career should join the new Master’s and PhD LinkedIn group—Roostervane—Careers for Advanced Degrees. (If you’re in the same boat you’re welcome to join!) Plus,

6 Mistakes PhDs make when networking

I sat in on a how-to-get a job seminar in the second year of my PhD that stressed the importance of networking for non-academic careers. I nodded and took notes. The instructor looked us in the eye and said, “Don’t wait until you’re done. Start

5 Friends every academic should have

This may seem like either an over-simple or too-difficult instruction depending on whether you’re extroverted or introverted. But I want you to think for a few minutes about your friendships. I believe that we become the people we hang out with. A lot of academics

Many students have no idea how to network: Here are 5 tricks

Knowing how to network is a vital life skill–and it’s not usually taught in degree programs. But networking is stressful, isn’t it? When I think about networking, I imagine standing in a roomful of people trying to talk to strangers. Every time I’ve ever tried