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My 4 Favorite Personal Finance Books

I wasn’t taught about personal finance growing up. You may not have been either. What we did know about money came from social attitudes that my parents (and almost everyone else I knew) held. We don’t talk about money. It’s not polite. Money doesn’t buy

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10 Steps – How to Start a Blog People READ

Updated September 9, 2021 So you want to start a blog? Writing a blog is a fantastic creative outlet, a great way to develop your writing and thinking skills, and a neat way to meet people. Best of all, a blog can build your personal

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Books I Love

Self-education is one of the best things I’ve ever done! I’ve learned way more by teaching myself than from any degree I’ve ever done. Yup… I said it. These are some of my favorite books on career, personal finance, and a few other things. Check

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