A Crash Course in Funding Research Projects in the Real World

Teaching you how to get research funding, whether it's for your own ideas or an employer's, and to make grand visions a reality!

By the end of this course, you will:

Understand the benefits to you if you know how to get funding for research (outside of the academy).

➨ Know how to frame a research project to figure out what your problem is and who would fund it.

➨ Have a broad view of the types of organizations that fund research projects, with clear examples, and have a sense of where your project might fit.



3 Modules of Content

A Downloadable PDF Overview


Course Content at a Glance:

MODULE 1 – Why You Need This!

MODULE 2 – How to Frame a Project

MODULE 3 – Sources of Funding

-3.1 – Academic

-3.2 – Think Tanks

-3.3 – Private Sector

-3.4 – Government

-3.5 – Associations

-3.6 – Voluntary Sector

-3.7 – International Bodies & Misc.

MODULE 4 – Conclusion

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