Updated February 18, 2020.

Hi there,

I want to talk to you about affiliate marketing and how Roostervane makes money from this. I believe in total transparency around how this site makes money. You know what’s more important to me than money? Your trust. I started this site to be a free career resource for grad students to find everything they could ever need. I promise you that this will never change. You will always be able to find everything you need for free.

This being said, affiliate marketing is one of the ways I keep the metaphorical lights on around here. Over time I’ve used and loved different products that have helped me tremendously on my career journey. These include books, websites, and some physical products. Some of these I’m starting to mention on the blog. You should assume that if you click through a link to any website that includes purchasing something, I will receive a commission for it (at no cost to you). Please don’t feel obligated to purchase something because of this. If you’re going to purchase something anyways and you choose to use my affiliate link, that’s great.

I don’t accept free products in exchange for mentioning them on Roostervane. If I mention something, it’s because I’ve found it and used it myself.

Roostervane.com also participates in the Amazon LLC Associates Program, which allows certain links on this site to bring you to Amazon.com for online purchases. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Please let me know if any of this doesn’t make sense to you. Happy reading!