Tools for Building a Career With Purpose

This page is a compilation of just about everything that can help you on your way to building your career. These are the resources we love to use for turning your degree into a career, a business, a blog, or anything else you might want to do with it!

Roostervane Free Resources

what can you do with a PhD


Turn Any Degree Into a Job Starter Guide PDF

quitting academia


Tell Your Story And Find Your Purpose Webinar

start a blog


How to Start a Blog 7-Part Email Course

Career Tools for Advanced Degrees


The Professor Is In

Career site with great resources for both academic and non-academic jobs.

From PhD to Life

Great website for PhD careers and coaching services.


Cool networking site for PhDs to meet people in industry.

The Versatile PhD

Tons of great career directories for PhD programs + other resources

Jobs on Toast

Resources for PhDs leaving academia.

Ontology of Value

Former academic supporting careers.


The Professor Is In, Karen Kelsky *

Work Your Career, Loleen Berdahl & Jonathan Malloy *

Leaving Academia: A Practical Guide, Chris Caterine*


Advanced Degree Career Placement/Recruiting

Top How-to Posts

Programs and Software


I discovered this app on the day of my comprehensive exams, and it’s been the single greatest thing of my life. Meditation saved me, and Headspace showed me how.


I built Roostervane on Bluehost, and I love them. Their customer support is fantastic and they’ve always been great to work with. I totally recommend them for starting a blog or website! (See my newest Bluehost project here)


Roostervane is currently hosted on Kinsta. It’s fantastic and fast, but also a little more pricey.

Skillshare *

This blog only exists because of Skillshare. I learned SEO, Web Design, and more on there, while Carolyne (who designed the Roostervane logo) used it to become a graphic designer. It’s amazing for would-be creatives.


I’ve tried different email software over time. I really believe this is the best and it’s really easy to use.


Roostervane is built on Elementor. It’s a fantastic drag and drop page builder that works with WordPress and makes it really easy to create beautiful pages.

Links marked with an asterisk (*) are affiliate links. These links pay me a commission if you choose to purchase from them, at no extra cost to you. This supports the work we do here at Roostervane. I (Chris) only recommend things I have used and benefited from.

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Books I Love

Self-education is one of the best things I’ve ever done! I’ve learned way more by teaching myself than from any degree I’ve ever done. Yup…

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