How to write for Roostervane...

roostervane academy

We accept guest posts on most areas of launching careers, finding purpose, and building influence.

What we love…

  • Solid advice posts, especially from people who have built careers with advanced degrees.
  • Reflections and opinion pieces on finding purpose or building influence (ie. leadership, digital marketing, public speaking, entrepreneurship).
  • First-person stories about life and career transformation, especially from those with an advanced degree
  • Advice for before or during an advanced degree to set you up for a career (Example)
  • Vulnerability, storytelling, and occasionally research (if it’s accessible)
  • Engaging writing

What we pass on…

  • Overly technical or dry pieces
  • Material relating to grad school with no clear relation to careers or building a life after (ie. how to apply for a scholarship)
  • Pieces that are angry but not constructive
To get some ideas, check out our Blog categories.
All pitches or finished pieces (either are fine) should be sent to Please include your LinkedIn profile, links to other writing you’ve done (if applicable). Published pieces will include an author profile. (Backlinks to your own website are fine, but please allow a max of 1 per post.)