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While I normally huddle over a cold keyboard or stare into an unblinking camera lens, I also love to do live speaking and training sessions!

I speak to students of all levels about turning their degrees into meaningful careers, and I give a practical road map for getting there with lots of great stories! I also speak to educators about how to help their students prepare for the (non-academic) job market.

Let’s make it happen!

For Speaking Details and Costs

Speaking Details and Fees

Speaking fees for a custom, 1-1.5 hour presentation start from $1100 USD.

Ready-Made Options

I know sometimes you’re working with a smaller budget. That’s why I offer these 1 hour, ready-to-go workshops, which are presented totally fresh and live at a discounted rate of $500 USD.

Here are two options that are always ready to go:

1 - Launching Your Career With a Professional Network

Students know they need to network, but often have no idea where to start. This workshop takes them through starting their professional network. By the end, they’ll know:

  • Why networking is essential for career building
  • How to start from where you’re at to build a powerful network
  • How to set up a LinkedIn Profile, find interesting people, and connect virtually
  • How to have conversations with network contacts that launch your career

2 - Building a Career Vision

One of the biggest things missing in how students approach careers is a vision. They aren’t taught to create a personal vision, and so they often stumble through career exploration. That’s what this session is for.

  • How to map a vision using your passions and identifying a career purpose
  • Using job postings to find your personal value proposition
  • How to map your vision to the job market.