The who, what, and why . . .


Every year, hundreds of thousands of students around the world graduate with advanced degrees. Many have no idea what to do with them.

This is where Roostervane comes in. We’ll help you build a career you love, without going back to school. If you’re lost, it’s your self-guided path to reinvention.

Don’t just find a job. Find your purpose.

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HEY, I’M CHRIS . . .

I graduated with a PhD in religious studies from the University of Toronto. After my PhD, I struggled to turn it into work — as a lot of grads do. I eventually worked running policy projects for a think tank in Canada and then for the Canadian federal government as a policy analyst. I still do some consulting on refugee policy. 

I created Roostervane to be the resource that I wish I’d had during my PhD, to help students build amazing careers with whatever degree they’ve got — even if, like me, yours feels like it might not fit anywhere.

It does. You can do great things with your degree. This site will teach you how…

I’m excited to see where it takes you!

–Chris Cornthwaite