The who, what, and why . . .


Our students need to build great careers, and we are failing them.

They take on crushing debt for degrees that they can’t do anything with. Those that do stumble into careers often never get to decide what they want and what their purpose is–they’ll take the first job they get.

Every year, hundreds of thousands of students around the world graduate with advanced degrees. Many have no idea what to do with them.

This is where Roostervane comes in. We’ll help you build a career you love, without going back to school. If you’re lost, it’s your self-guided path to reinvention.

Don’t just find a job. Find your purpose.

HEY, I’M CHRIS . . .

I graduated with a PhD in religious studies from the University of Toronto. There were no “academic jobs,” (AKA professor jobs) which was what my PhD trained me for. And nobody I knew would talk about how to build a career with a PhD.

I moved to Ottawa with no plan. I didn’t know anyone and I had no job prospects. And I began the painful process of building a career from scratch.

I built my network as hard as I could. And I got a job running projects for a think tank. I then worked for the Canadian government on refugee programs.

While I was doing this, I looked back and saw people with degrees and no idea where to go next. I created Roostervane to be the resource that I wish I’d had during my PhD.

In January of 2020, my spouse Carolyne and I founded Thinkhouse, a Canadian research firm that works for government and private sector clients doing great public policy work and sharing in engaging ways.  I live in Ottawa.