Ready to build an amazing non-academic career with your advanced degree?

Imagine if you could keep the sense of purpose that led you to an advanced degree AND earn what you’re worth?
But the real question is, How?
How do you figure out what it is that makes you want to jump out of bed in the morning and leave your mark on the world?
That’s why we’ve created the Career Advance Program, to help people with Master’s, PhDs, and other advanced degrees get out of the academy and make the impact they need to.

Is this program for me?

Do you have an advanced degree and feel stuck in your career? Do you feel like you’ve got some great things you want to bring to life, but you’re not even sure what they are much less how to do them?

This program is for you. 

Our current members are either about to leave or have left the academy already, and are working to build great careers with their degrees. 

We’re on a journey together to do work we love and earn what we’re worth.

Join us!


A clearly-defined vision

You'll know what your next steps are and where you're going.

A solid career-building skill set

This is the stuff that brings your vision to life: the career foundations you never learned that open up more opportunities than you can imagine. From your personal brand to your LinkedIn to your growing network, you'll be well on your way.

A Community cheering for you

Big transitions shouldn't be done alone. We do everything in community, supporting and encouraging each other along the way.


On-Demand Learning

24 engaging mixed modules (video & text) that will walk you through reinvention. These engaging lessons take you through actionable steps, and you'll be well on your way by the time you're done. It's common to have job offers before you get through these exercises.

Career ADvance Program Preview

A Private Support Community

1 year of access to a private, members-only group led by Chris, creator of Roostervane. We have great discussions, live sessions once a month, + walk through transformation together (plus there's an app!)

2 Bonus Courses

You'll also get access to 2 BONUS COURSES with over 2 extra hours of material: LINKEDIN FOR JOB SEEKERS & BOSS-LEVEL NETWORKING. These courses take you step-by-step on-screen through building your LinkedIn profile and applying for jobs, as well as building an awesome network!

career advance program image
career advace program image


1. Vision

These modules walk you through creating a vision that excites you by taking stock of who you are and what's important to you. It's a self-guided exploration of your past and future, to create a vision for a life and career you're excited for!

2. Growth

Before we start on turning your vision into an external reality, these lessons help you to identify some internal struggles and patterns that need to be dealt with to really make your vision come to life!

3. Your Irresistible Personal Brand

This series of lessons gives you a step-by-step guide & exercises to pull out your story and create your brand identity in a way that will make employers love you and other leaders want to connect to you. Your clear personal brand sets the scene for building your network and your job applications (+ free access to the bonus course 'LINKEDIN FOR JOB SEEKERS', an immersive guide to building your brand using LinkedIn).

4. Your Network that Opens Doors

Networking is vital, both for exploration and career growth, and too many career-builders are afraid of it. The program gives a clear and easy method to build your network every week, whether you're an extrovert or an introvert. (+ free access to 'BOSS-LEVEL NETWORKING', a 17-lesson, in-depth guide to conquering fear and following up after a networking opportunity) You'll also grow your network through the Community, and I'll personally make introductions where I can.

5. Your Skills & Competence Map

These lessons teach you how to name, map, and demonstrate the MANY skills and competencies you already have, how to tell whether you need to upskill, and making a plan to do it.

6. Final Tools

To put the finishing touches on, these final lessons cover applying for jobs, asking for introductions, and handling interviews.

7. Action & Wrap-Around Support

Where the rubber meets the road! As you apply what you've learned in the course, you'll also spend a year with access to a supportive community, monthly live sessions with Chris, daily opportunities for check-in and feedback on your materials.

Ready to Reinvent Yourself?

I hope I’ll see you inside!

" I was on the national news yesterday. Chris's motivational "you can do this attitude" and advice helped to transform me into an entrepreneur who is confident enough to pitch to national tv journalists when they called. I would never have had the confidence to do this as an academic. If you or anyone you know are thinking about investing in help from Chris, then definitely go for it!
Naomi Tyrrell, PhD

Let's work together to create an exciting career vision and bring it to life!


In 2018, I was running projects for a think tank. I was interacting with leaders in government, politics, the corporate world, and non-profits. As I watched these leaders–many of whom had master’s degrees or PhDs–I realized, They’re playing this career game differently. And I also realized,  Nobody teaches this.

But there’s more. These people had the freedom to do the work they loved. They saw the impact they wanted, and they made it.

This course stems from my transformation. I was a lost humanities PhD who needed to build a career. After some stumbling, I worked for the think tank, then moved into policy work, helping other countries launch refugee programs and then led the policy design for a new Canadian program. I started a consulting business in 2019 and still enjoy this work as I run Roostervane.


Most frequent questions and answers

Our program is built on everything I have learned after thousands of interactions with grads. The Roostervane site has everything you need to build an amazing career. But the program packages everything together for you and walks you through applying it to your career in a clear path complete with exercises and wrap-around support for the whole year.

I know money’s tight for some students. Please don’t stretch yourself financially in any way you can’t handle. There are lots of resources on the Roostervane website for free.

Short answer, I believe it will–but it’s impossible for me to guarantee it.  But I hope it gets you more than that. This course is meant to create an entire career foundation for a lifetime of work that you love.

The principles in this course work well for everyone, but especially for people who have had a bit of experience and are ready to build a career they love. So YES!  So if you have a job, but haven’t quite figured out where you belong yet, come on in!

Don’t hesitate to Contact Us with any other questions you have.

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