Day: August 23, 2023

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skills vs abilities
Personal Growth

Skills vs Abilities: Here’s The Difference

When we’re talking about personal and professional development, the terms “skills” and “abilities” are often used interchangeably (a bit like Skills vs Strengths). But there’s a clear difference between them. Skills are learned, while abilities are usually more innate. In this article, we’ll break this

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Bluehost vs Squarespace

Bluehost vs Squarespace: Which Is Best?

Bluehost and Squarespace are both great options to build a website, whether you’re starting a blog, starting an online business, or just creating a website. This article will compare Bluehost vs Squarespace and show you which one is right for you. But spoiler, it probably

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Wix vs Bluehost

Bluehost vs Wix: Which Is Better in 2023?

So, you’re in the market to create a website, and you’ve heard of Bluehost and Wix. They’re both popular options, but they serve different purposes. Bluehost is all about web hosting with WordPress functions, while Wix is a website builder. I started this website with

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