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My 4 Favorite Personal Finance Books

I wasn’t taught about personal finance growing up. You may not have been either. What we did know about money came from social attitudes that my parents (and almost everyone else I knew) held. We don’t talk about money. It’s not polite. Money doesn’t buy

How Phds Can Be Worth $100k

Can I tell you that I want to be moderately wealthy? I know this isn’t something PhDs talk about much. I don’t think it makes me bad. Although I’m driven by ideals—as most academics are—I still have a dream about a house in the country

How delaying your post-PhD career can cost you +$500K

One of the things that really messes with PhDs as they’re coming to the end of their degrees is that the academic job market is great at keeping people in perpetual limbo. The year-long job cycle means that you spend months and months waiting on

3 Ways Your PhD Set You up for Wealth

Updated July 22, 2020 I always thought being rich meant having a baloney sandwich on white bread. Let me explain. When I was a kid, we didn’t have much. My dad worked as a maintenance man to support a family of five and my mom

How to Build Wealth During and After a PhD

I’ll never forget the day I had to hock my TV for food. I was an undergraduate. It was a little color one with a VCR built in (I’m dating myself here). I cradled it in my arms on the bus all the way to