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How to Make Money From Your Phone – 10 Ideas (2023)

In honor of this amazing prompt that launched this post, I’m demonstrating how to make money from your phone.  I’m writing this – you guessed it – on my phone. 

How meta is that?!

My process is pretty simple. I create a Google doc with a post name, draft out an outline, and use voice-to-text to fill in a blog post.

And since my phone is a powerful microcomputer, this barely scratches the surface of what I can do with it. 

I create videos with my phone for a YouTube channel. I hosted our community on my phone.

So, I want to talk about it how to make money from your phone. I’m going to cover a set of things, including starting a business, investing, and apps that pay you to use them.

There’s something for everybody here… assuming you have a phone, that is 🤠

This post contains affiliate links. These pay us a small commission if you choose to buy something, at no cost to you. This helps support the work we do here at Roostervane. Thanks!

Okay. Let’s go!

1. Start a community

I think one of the coolest online businesses this year is an online community, and that’s why communities are making my lists a lot.

Basically, a community is a membership-based group that gives some sort of value and people pay to be in. 

Communities can be dedicated to hobbies, sports, trading business wisdom, networking and finding jobs, or just about anything else into the sun.

That makes communities a super viable business model that you can start with next no money.

How to do it

Pick an awesome online community platform. I personally like Mighty Networks. It’s what I used to start my community. It lets you build and charge for community spaces, courses, live events, and pretty much anything else you could come up with.

Come up with a theme, figure out how you can provide enough value to your members that they will pay to be there, and set your membership fee. 

And yes, Mighty Networks comes with awesome apps, so you can do it all from your phone.

You can try it free for 14 days

2. Monetize a social media feed

This is probably the one we were all thinking of, but creating and monetizing a big social media channel is a way to make money from your phone.

Most successful creators aren’t exclusively using social media. That YouTube creator you love needs video editing. The Instagram star often needs photo editing.

But you can still get most of this done on a phone, often with free programs. 

That still means that this is a way to make money on your phone.

However, it’s not easy. But if you can get good at creating content and building a following, there are lots of ways to monetize. 

Download an app like Influenster or Impact to find products to share. Sell affiliates or merchandise. Create a community or Patreon off the back of your following.

3. Invest in stocks

They say it takes money to make money. So if you do have some money, you might try your hand at investing. 

Yes, it can all be done from your phone. You might use an app like Wealthsimple, or maybe just your bank’s trading platform.

Keep in mind you can also lose a lot of money too. And because of that, I’m not saying anything else about this subject. 

Cause I don’t want you calling me if you lose money. 😬

4. Start a consulting business (LinkedIn)

I think your phone is powerful enough to start a consulting business. 

There are different ways you could do this. You could download Upwork or Fiverr and find clients that way.

But I want to give a shout-out to the good, old-fashioned, LinkedIn

Create a LinkedIn profile that showcases what you do as a consultant, then start to share content about your work. Reach out to leaders in your industry, comment on their posts, and introduce yourself to potential clients!

I don’t really do this with SEO, since I’m not looking for more clients right now, but here’s an example of a post I created last week.

Since posting this, two different people reached out asking for my help with their websites.

That’s a pretty quick recipe for a consulting business.

5. Sell stuff on Marketplace

Obviously, there are a lot of places to sell stuff on your phone. You could look at Craigslist. But I happen to love Facebook Marketplace right now. 

They’ve done a really great job creating local marketplaces that are searchable, and you can see who’s buying – so there’s a lot of trust involved.

For this to work, you need some sort of physical product. 

It might be your old furniture, art that you’ve created, or t-shirts. I don’t really care what it is. But get it up on Facebook local marketplace and watch it sell. 

It’s a really good way to make money from your phone. And it works fast.

6. Flip on Amazon

It’s related to selling on Facebook, but how about flipping stuff on Amazon? 

You can create a simple online business by building an Amazon store, and you can find lots of merchandise on sale locally, or even secondhand.

People flip different stuff, but I’ve heard good things about clothes and collectibles.

7. Work a job

This might be either too obvious or seem impossible, depending on what type of jobs you’ve had. 

But yeah, you can work a job from your phone. 

Not every job, obviously.

I already told you about how I do word processing with my phone, using Google docs and voice to text. You can also do things like hold meetings, run social media feeds, manage relationships with people, answer emails, and more.

My friend is a lobbyist. He mostly works on his phone. 

Another possibility for a job you can do on your phone is to become a virtual assistant. You do pretty much all the things we talked about above, and you can make some pretty good money doing it.

8. Launch an e-commerce business

Finally, sticking with the whole product angle, you can launch an e-commerce business on your phone! This might be as simple as filling a Shopify store with items you can dropship using a site like Printify or filling an Etsy store with automatic printables. You can make it happen. 

E-commerce is a bajillion dollar industry (that’s according to science) – so you might get a piece of that market! And yeah, you can likely run it from your phone! 


So by now, I hope this article has given you some ideas for how to make money from your phone! I’m not saying it’s easy. But imagine – sitting on your couch or going for a walk about being able to make cash. That’s pretty sweet! 

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