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11 Persistent Myths About Post-PhD Jobs Outside of Academia

There’s a weird veil of silence for a lot of us about what happens outside of academia with a PhD. It’s a complicated period of transition and there’s a lot we don’t understand about it. Which makes total sense. And since people don’t know about

Why I Don’t Regret Leaving Academia After a PhD

I never thought I would be leaving academia after a PhD. I loved academia. I talk to PhD students all the time who tell me that they want to work outside of academia. I never envisioned it. I had what I call a tenure-track vision

Why Failure Is One of the Greatest Gifts Academia Gave Me

Early one Friday morning, I was driving into the east end of London, Canada. The sun was in my eyes as I cranked Death Cab for Cutie—Marching Bands of Manhattan, and I was shaking with a mixture of nervousness and excitement. After months of studying

This Is the Hardest Thing About Deciding to Leave Academia

I spent a few years learning about papyrology during my doctorate. For those of you who don’t know, papyrus is sort of like an ancient paper that’s mostly found in Egypt. In 2016 I went to a big conference on papyrology in Barcelona. All of