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leaving academia after a PhD
Leaving Academia

Why I Don’t Regret Leaving Academia After a PhD

I never thought I would be leaving academia after a PhD. I loved academia. I talk to PhD students all the time who tell me that they want to work outside of academia. I never envisioned it. I had what I call a tenure-track vision

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PhD work

I answer 7 questions about post-PhD work

Last night, I put a call out on Twitter for people’s top questions about post-PhD work (specifically non-academic). I got some really good questions about post-PhD work, and I’ll try to answer them here. For a few of them, I’ve rephrased the question. I hope

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careers with travel

4 PhD Careers With Travel Involved

On a cold December morning, I was in the back of a taxi on the way to Schoenefeld Airport in Berlin. The sun hadn’t yet risen over the red roofs. We were on our way to London for Christmas. My kids had gone back to

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