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Find Your Direction

Being Significant: The Drug and the Beauty

I worked at a summer camp as a teenager. I was working in the kitchen one week for a family camp when an older woman, a camper in her 70s, picked up a broom, and started sweeping the dining room. I took the broom from

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study abroad
Personal Growth

6 Reasons You MUST Study Abroad in 2023

Updated Jan. 7, 2023 1:00 am. My thirtieth birthday. I sat on a balcony near Frankfurt, Germany. As luck would have it, I celebrated my birthday doing something I’d always wanted to do but was always too afraid. I moved abroad. It was the night

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follow your dreams
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6 EPIC Reasons to Follow Your Dreams in 2023

Updated Jan 17, 2023 This post was inspired by a career cliche, and to be honest, I just had to take it on. As a kid, I remember being told, “Follow your dreams.” In fact, it kind of feels like a bad bumper sticker or

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Stop Googling, “What Degree Makes the Most Money?”

Have you ever googled this question? “What degree makes the most money?: Each year, new lists come out of the highest-paying degree fields for that year. Sometimes, we see the list for the lowest-paid too. These types of lists create one of the dumbest phenomena

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