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believing in yourself
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8 Steps to Believing in Yourself When Nobody Else Does

How to believe in yourself—the lost art. There’s something I’ve learned from working with highly educated people. The smartest, most accomplished people I meet struggle with self-esteem. It’s a serious struggle, one that seems to afflict people for years and takes a genuine toll on

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successful students
Personal Growth

8 Simple Traits of Super Successful Students

What sets successful students apart? And not success during school, but what is it that makes students successful after they graduate? As I watch students graduate with advanced degrees, and try to build careers with them, there is something that fascinates me about the process.  Why

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being significant
Find Your Direction

Being Significant: The Drug and the Beauty

I worked at a summer camp as a teenager. I was working in the kitchen one week for a family camp when an older woman, a camper in her 70s, picked up a broom, and started sweeping the dining room. I took the broom from

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