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How to Be Successful No Matter What: 4 Rules

When I got to Ottawa, I found that everyone had ideas about how to be successful. Friends told me that I should get a job as a policy advisor in a cabinet minister’s office or else work for the Privy Council Office (one of the

5 Life Lessons I Wish I’d Learned Sooner

When I hit 30 years old, I realized that I was a completely different person than I was at 20. And with each year that goes by after this, I reflect more on the world and learn more. One of the most liberating things for

Why Failure Is One of the Greatest Gifts Academia Gave Me

Early one Friday morning, I was driving into the east end of London, Canada. The sun was in my eyes as I cranked Death Cab for Cutie—Marching Bands of Manhattan, and I was shaking with a mixture of nervousness and excitement. After months of studying

5 Beliefs You Need to Build an Amazing Post-PhD Career

As I’ve transitioned to a post-PhD career, I’ve realized something. Success is all about mindset. Now before you imagine those cheesy posters from the 90s that had motivational quotes on them (hands up if you’re old enough to remember those), let me explain. It’s super

Why Can’t We Stop Doing Phds?

I was raised religious, and as a kid there were two career paths that appealed to me more than any others: missionary and minister. I felt that I’d been put on this earth for some higher purpose, and what higher purpose could there be than