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alternatives to academia

10 Fulfilling and Exciting Alternatives to Academia

Did you know there are some great alternatives to academia? I know that a lot of PhDs are working towards a career in academia. They’re drawn by different things. Some love the research. Some love the flexibility. Some love teaching. So when the time comes

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use social media to drive traffic
Grow Your Following

5 Ways I Use Social Media to Drive Traffic

When I first started on Twitter, I got really excited about followers. I hit 1,000. Then 5,000. Then 10,000. I was excited. It was a dopamine hit. Everybody gets it. But after a while, I realized that I was playing the wrong game. I had

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Jennifer Polk
Leaving Academia

From PhD to Life – Interview with Jennifer Polk, PhD

Chris: Jennifer Polk, Ph.D. is a career coach and an expert on careers. She launched from Ph.D. to Life, a career coaching and speaking business, and blog, I should add, in 2013. She currently writes on graduate education and careers for doctoral degree holders. She’s

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personal value proposition

3 Secrets to Finding Your Personal Value Proposition

How can you find your personal value proposition? Identifying your value proposition will help you focus your career objectives and increase your chances of landing a great job.   But personal value propositions often suck. Most people stick them into a predictable “Objective” section on a

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successful students
Personal Growth

8 Simple Traits of Super Successful Students

What sets successful students apart? And not success during school, but what is it that makes students successful after they graduate? As I watch students graduate with advanced degrees, and try to build careers with them, there is something that fascinates me about the process.  Why

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