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side hustles

12 Side Hustles You Can Start While Studying

A side hustle, side business, income stream, call it what you want, but students often have the same question: How can I make more money? The student income pinch is tough, and if you’ve taken out debt for schools (or if you’re trying to avoid

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Leaving Academia

Fitting a Postdoc into a Non-Academic Path

As you come to the end of your PhD, if there’s no tenure-track job in sight, there is another P word that starts to get thrown around: postdoc. A postdoc for many academics is the unquestioned next step. The springboard to an academic career (we’re

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alternatives to academia

10 Fulfilling and Exciting Alternatives to Academia

Did you know there are some great alternatives to academia? I know that a lot of PhDs are working towards a career in academia. They’re drawn by different things. Some love the research. Some love the flexibility. Some love teaching. So when the time comes

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use social media to drive traffic
Grow Your Following

5 Ways I Use Social Media to Drive Traffic

Updated May 25, 2021 When I first started on Twitter, I got really excited about followers. I hit 1,000. Then 5,000. Then 10,000. I was excited. It was a dopamine hit. Everybody gets it. But after a while, I realized that I was playing the

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Jennifer Polk
Leaving Academia

From PhD to Life – Interview with Jennifer Polk, PhD

Chris: Jennifer Polk, Ph.D. is a career coach and an expert on careers. She launched from Ph.D. to Life, a career coaching and speaking business, and blog, I should add, in 2013. She currently writes on graduate education and careers for doctoral degree holders. She’s

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