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making more money

7 Reasons You’re Not Making More Money

Last year, I set out on an ambitious research project. I wanted to find as many people as I could find who had doubled their income and find out how they had done it. The resulting research was published in Time: NextAdvisor. But unfortunately, the

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how to make 20000 a month

How to Make 20000 a Month in 2023

Updated Oct 5, 2023 A while back, I wrote a post on how to make 10 grand a month. And while I was doing the research for this post, I discovered something. Over 1,000 people every month search for “How can I make $10,000 a

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Personal Growth

Why Is Male Success Still a Childless Business?

Cover photo by LOGAN WEAVER | @LGNWVR on Unsplash I wake up at 4:30 a.m. The alarm screams at me and I slam it off, trying not to wake up my wife or—even worse—the kids in the next room. Downstairs. Bleary-eyed. Where the fuck did

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you are stronger than you think
Find Your Direction

11 Clues You Are Stronger Than You Think

When you’ve reached the end. Rock bottom. You feel like it’s time to give up and walk away. And you don’t know if there’s anything else you can do. Sometimes it feels that life is more than you can bear. Sometimes you just want to

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collaboration skills - cover

13 VITAL Collaboration Skills for Your Career (2023)

Collaboration skills are super important for the modern office. Go look at LinkedIn’s top 20 in-demand skills and you’ll see that they make the list a few times. When we talk about collaboration skills, we’re talking about a mix of soft skills and strengths that–when

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in demand skills

LinkedIn’s 20 In Demand Skills of 2023 (+ Where to Learn Them)

Ahh, the beauty of having in-demand skills. As college enrollment drops–plummeting something like 8% since 2019–it’s clear that we’re linking job success less to degrees and more to skills. Then there’s the explosion of online learning platforms where you can teach yourself high-income skills for

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how to make 10000 a month

How to Make 10000 a Month – (9 Ways) 2023

Have you ever imagined to be like to make $10,000 a month? That amount of money would put you into the top percentile of wage earners.  It pushes you over six figures and can give you a great income to build a financial future on.

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academia vs industry
Leaving Academia

Academia vs Industry: The Best Option for PhDs (2023)

When I finished my PhD in 2018ish, I didn’t know the word “industry.” This is partially because I was a humanities student, and we really just didn’t use the word – my STEM friends were a little more familiar. But it was also because I

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