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hobbies that make money

17 Best Hobbies That Make Money for 2023

Updated January 31, 2023 I’ve always been a hobby person. Maybe you are too. I’ve always had something stewing, been learning a new thing. To be honest, it makes me really happy. Hobbies often end up sucking a lot of our money, whether we’re dropping

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thrive in remote work

5 Secrets to Thrive in Remote Work

I’ve been working from coffee shops more or less full-time for the last 10 years. I suppose you could say I’ve been doing remote work longer than most. So in this post, I want to give you some of the things I’ve learned about myself

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Advice for college graduates
Find Your Direction

9 Rules – EPIC Advice for College Graduates (2023)

February 3, 2023 So you come to the end of a college degree. Congratulations! College is a really important part of life. But the great news is that now you get to start your next chapter! After I finished college, I stumbled through my twenties,

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how to get a job fast - cover image

How to Get a Job Fast – 7 Proven Strategies

Sometimes, you just need a job. The money is running out, the debt is piling up, and it’s time to have some income. Maybe you don’t have months until the end of your cash flow. Maybe you only have weeks. Maybe the end is in

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high paying skills

12 High Paying Skills to OWN 2023

Updated Jan. 11, 2023 We all know that skills are valued differently in the marketplace. There’s constant flux in which skills are in the highest demand, meaning that they become outdated every 5 years. But the good news is that you can learn and sharpen

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LinkedIn hacks
Build Your Network

10 LinkedIn Hacks to ROCK 2023

Updated January 25, 2023 I would estimate that like 5% of people are using LinkedIn to its full potential. Honestly, with millions of jobs, employers, and opportunities, you’d think we’d pay more attention to it. You might be a job seeker looking for your next

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