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passive income ideas

14 Viable Passive Income Ideas for 2022

I learned during my career journey that there was one thing that I should be chasing above all else: passive income. Passive income, usually described as the ability to make money while you’re sleeping, can come from many different places. And while I have seen

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succeed after grad school
Leaving Academia

To Succeed After Grad School, Understand This

Why does it seem like, for some people, graduate school can kill your career? I’ve met so many people who have spent a ridiculously long amount of time in school. I spent 15 years. And somebody asked me yesterday, what do you see the most?

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What should I do with my life
Find Your Direction

“What Should I Do With My Life?” 9 Truths

“What should I do with my life?” Whether you’re just starting your career, staring at the beautiful future like a blank canvas, or a little further along trying to figure it out, here are some ideas about what to do with your life. Full disclosure,

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jobs for political science majors

11 Epic Jobs for Political Science Majors

Whether you’re a policy wonk or you love the game of politics, if you’re a political science major you know the crap out of government. But what can you do with a political science degree? This post will give you a list of 11 epic

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blogging mistakes

My Top 5 Blogging Mistakes after 2 Years.

I’ve made more blogging mistakes than I care to remember. It was a rainy Sunday afternoon a few years back when I launched my blog. I typed some potential addresses into Bluehost and casually picked a name at random- Roostervane. Blogging made me come alive.

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pursue your passions

If You Want to Pursue Your Passions, Master Monetization

There’s something magical that happens when I write. Maybe you’ve felt this too. I usually pop some music in my ears–I’ve been known to have Hans Zimmer’s “Time” on repeat for an hour–and disappear into another world. I hope you’ve experienced this sheer joy at

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