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Stop Googling, “What Degree Makes the Most Money?”

Have you ever googled this question? “What degree makes the most money?: Each year, new lists come out of the highest-paying degree fields for that year. Sometimes, we see the list for the lowest-paid too. These types of lists create one of the dumbest phenomena

3 Must-Read Books If You’re Starting Your Career

I remember starting my career after my PhD. I was lost, uncertain of my own worth in the marketplace, and just generally unaware of what I could do with my degree. I’ve read a lot of career books, but there are three I’d recommend above

11 Amazing Jobs for History Majors

I majored in history during my undergrad, and do you know how many times I googled “Jobs for history majors?” It was a lot. And each time I came up with the same tired list: Librarian Archivist Teacher Museum Curator Now if you want to